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Burr Elm Box

I made this box and another like it from a really hopeless looking piece of burr elm.  The wood yard was throwing it out and in conventional woodworking terms it should probably have been burned.  It took a massive amount of hard work to bring out it’s beauty but I think it was worth it.

Some bowls

leaf bowl side view
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Over the past month or so I’ve been experimenting with using veneers to make bowls.  There are a couple of versions already out in the shops but these leaves are the latest developments.  I’ve added tea-light holders as one possible use but you can use them with or without the lights.

Escher Curl-ups

I was recently given a load of laburnum branches.  While the most common use of laburnum is probably in “oyster” form as a veneer I was interested to see how well it carved.  The answer is that it carves beautifully and these little “Curl-ups” are the result.


Cherry Box with Bees

I made this box on commision for someone who wanted a container for items relating to her father, a beekeeper.  The bees are only used as handles for the inside tray.  The box is made from a lovely piece of cherry bought from Natural Woodcraft in Glengap.  They have a fantastic selection of wood were really helpful in letting me go through planks to find the right peice.  I’ve used black walnut for a contrast and for the banding on the bees.