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European Walnut Box

I bought the wood for this peice from Natural Woodcraft and this was made from a forked bit that wasn’t straight grained enough for normal box work. By cutting it through the thickness and splitting one half to match each side of the top I got some spectacular grain matches.

Elm Casket

I bought a large lump of Burr Elm from a woodyard last year.  It took me a while to decide how I wanted to use it and the idea of this casket box had been with me for a while.  My wife says it looks like an ark of the covenant but I just thought it was a nice way to show off the beauty of the burr.

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Some Smaller Boxes

These boxes are made using Larch for their basic construction, then a variety of veneers for the lids.  Finally I’ve added some glass samples which Gunta Krumins very kindly let me have some time ago to provide the main lid decoration.  For some boxes I’ve used a hand-cast pewter bird instead of a glass panel.

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Second Dolphin Box

This is the next development of the dolphin box idea.

Dolphin Box

This box is made from black walnut, the dolphins are cast in pewter. I am considering making a larger box or  set of boxes based on this theme

Burr Elm Box

This box uses a piece of Burr Elm which I carried around with me for many years. I’ve used Cherry to provide a fielded frame for the Elm and the body of the box and the insert tray.

Patchwork box

The top of this box is made using a mix of woods, Olive, Burr sycamore, Sycamore, Oak, Cherry, Black Walnut. The box base and insert tray are made from black walnut and cherry.