About my work

My work falls into two categories; those pieces which I dream up on my own and then make to fit my imagination, and other pieces which consist in finding a piece of wood which is interesting and looking for ways to make the most of it.

Recently I have been working on a series of mobiles inspired by poems.  I enjoy not only producing the shapes which the poem inspired but also finding the appropriate movement. It can take several weeks to get the right result and there are always changes in subsequent productions.

I work with native woods where possible and always from sustainable sources.  I like to mix woods and sometimes other materials but often, when a particular wood has a grain which is interesting or different I’ll aim to showcase that as much as possible. Most of these items are jewellery boxes.

Twenty something years ago I trained at the London College of Furniture.  Although I’ve had a number of careers since then I’ve maintained a lifelong love of wood and woodworking.

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